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James Peris is a noob and clumsy secret agent who has just finished spying school. For the first time you will be assigned a really important mission, the search for another secret agent... although things will not be so simple as it seems. Peris will have problems making something as easy as leaving his home in an odyssey of puzzles and stupidities absolute.

Help James Peris in this classic humor graphic adventure.

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Texts available in English / Audio in Spanish

  • Point-and-click adventure like Day of the Tentacle and Leisure Suit Larry
  • Hooligan and fart humor
  • 60 scenarios in which to play (or almost)
  • Crazy and charismatic characters  and a sarcastic narrator
  • Many puzzles
  • Around 10 hours of gameplay

-En Castellano-

James Peris es un novato y torpe agente secreto recién salido de la escuela de espías. Por primera vez se le asignará una misión realmente importante, la búsqueda de otro agente secreto... aunque las cosas no van a ser tan sencillas como parece. Peris meterá la pata hasta el fondo haciendo que algo tan sencillo como salir de su casa sea una odisea de puzzles y estupideces absolutas. 

Ayuda a James Peris en esta clásica aventura gráfica de humor de dibujos animados.

Completamente en Castellano / Texts available in English

Puedes comprarlo en: https://erbesoftware.itch.io/james-peris

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  • Aventura point-and-click  como Day of the Tentacle y Leisure Suit Larry
  • Humor gamberro y pedorro
  • 60 escenarios en los que jugar (o casi)
  • Personajes locos y carismáticos  y un narrador sarcástico
  • Muchos puzles
  • Alrededor de 10 horas de juego

Development log


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Buy on https://erbesoftware.itch.io/james-peris too

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NOW on Steam!


We finish the Definitive Edition. We are testing right now. This version gonna be avalaible for Mac and Linux thanks to Wine. Stay tuned.

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We almost finish all checking English text. It's so difficult, because the game contain a 6015 text lines!!

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We released Pavo Entertainment Discord, step to leave your comments and start a conversation with other followers of James Peris and speak directly with their authors: https://discord.gg/AwA7H8A

Working right now in a better translation. We are working in a linux and MacOS version for the game, and we try to translate in german to if is possible.

We are working in a new version game. Bugfixing and a better english translation. And more...